Welcome to the South African site for AeroBOWLS.

Aero Bowls – The lawn bowl of the future with every bowl and every set perfectly matched – something never achieved in bowls manufacture previously. We are the only manufacturer to guarantee this in writing.

The Aero robotic factory and the other brands factories are light years apart.

At Aero, we set about the task of making the most accurate bowls ever with assistance from the best bowlers in the world, using the latest technology.

The success of this Arc Trajectory together with the accuracy in manufacture has resulted in Aero becoming the leading brand in Australia with over 100,000 flawlessly made bowls sold to date.


Masters Final

In another SA Masters all Aero Final Pierre Breytenbach pipped Gerry Baker 21-20. Pictured here is Gerry congratulating Pierre on his maiden win.

Jason Evans joins Aero Team

Aero South Africa is proud to announce that SA Protea Player Jason Evans has come on board as part of TEAM AERO. Jason has been part of the National team squad for some time and has recently competed in major…

The World’s best bowler chooses Aero!

TeamAERO is very pleased to announce that ALEX MARSHALL has joined TeamAERO. Alex “Tattie” Marshall is a record breaking six-time World Indoor Singles Champion and was awarded the MBE in 2007 for his services to the sport. Alex started bowling at the…