For those of you that don’t know Ashleigh, we asked her a few questions to get a better insight into this prolific young bowler…

Q1: Club and District?  
Morningside Country Club in the JBA

Q2: How do you pay your bills?  
Graphic designer at CustomSA

Q3: How did you get into the game?
After years of watching my gran play, I decided to give it a go, and the bug bit. That was nearly 10 years ago!

Q4: What do you want to achieve in this sport?
I want to play for South Africa and get my national colours

Q5: Why did you choose to be associated with AeroBOWLS?
I want to better my bowls as much as I can and I feel that AeroBOWLS can help me achieve my goals

Q6: Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you most like to invite to dinner?  
Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish Catalan architect. Andy Warhol, the American pop art artist. And Heston Blumenthal, the English Michelin Star chef

Q7: Where’s your favourite place in South Africa, and why?  
Other than Joburg, it’s the Drakensberg – it’s beautiful there, so peaceful and relaxing

Q8: Do you have a boyfriend? And are there any marriage plans?
Yes, and hopefully soon 😉

So, why did Team Aero choose Ashleigh?
We identified Ashleigh as being young, trendy, talented and competitive – qualities that AeroBOWLS South Africa embrace. The bowling world is going to hear a lot about Ashleigh in the near future, and we are delighted to partner her on her quest to be number 1