Get to know ALLAN GORDON

For those of you that don’t know Allan, we asked him a few questions to get a better insight into this Protea bowler…

Q1: Club and District?
Randburg Bowls Club in the JBA District

Q2: How long have you been in the game?
I started playing bowls in January 1978…went to the clinic at the Wanderers on the morning of my birthday.  My Mother and Father had both been keen bowlers and I knew I would start one day

Q3: Your highlight of your bowling career? 
There have been many highlights – being selected for the Wanderers National Team in 1983 (we got to the finals), winning the Towers Novices (1st player from the Wanderers to do this), being selected for the Southern Transvaal’s ‘B’ team and then the ‘A’ Team, and then being selected as a Springbok/Protea, and more recently getting my ‘National’ senior colours and being elected a National Selector

Q4: Your biggest disappointment in bowls? 
Being dropped from the CGBA ‘A’ Team, when I was still a Springbok/Protea….and finding out why that happened

Q5: Your toughest opponent? 
It is difficult to pinpoint a single ‘most difficult opponent’ as there are so many people out there who want to beat one.  However, being a ‘thinking’ bowler, the most difficult person for me to beat is the person who thinks and reads the game the same way as I do

Q6: Why did you choose to be associated with Aero? 
Aero seems to have broken their way out of the pack and become a ‘scientific’ bowl.  When I first rolled with them, it was not difficult to see that if you have the right line and weight, you will get the shot…..and with the Aero I could pick that up earlier than what I could with other bowls.  The feel of the bowl in my hands is like a glove….it is meant to be there

Q7: What do you still want to achieve in bowls?  
Having achieved what I have to date, and I believe I have a ‘unique’ record/achievement – I have skipped a winning 4 in the SA Nationals, Zimbabwe Nationals, Inter-provincial A and B tournaments, the All Transvaal, CGBA/JBA, and ‘club’……….I would like to put something back into bowls and as such, I coach the JBA Under 19 and 25 players and would like to see at least one of these players achieve National Honours

Q8: Where’s your favourite place on the planet, and why?
I have a B&B in Thailand (Phuket), which I will develop into a ‘destination of choice – with a specific theme’ and believe that what I have is ‘a piece of heaven on earth’

Q9: Which 3 people, dead or alive, would you most like to invite to dinner?
I not only have a keen interest in all sports and music in general, but I collect War Medals, and thus visit many battle sites, both local and foreign.  If I had to choose three people they would be Paul McCartney (Beatles), Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket) and Lieutenant General Sir Peter Graham, the last Colonel of the Gordon Highlanders

So, why did Team Aero choose Allan?
Allan has always been a student of the game and passionate about his beliefs. Being a Protea player and now a current South African selector, AeroBOWLS South Africa is proud of our association.